Video Production: Parkinson's Disease Project

This winter we’re hard at work in video production,  finishing up another documentary, a sequel to our first feature-length, The 200 Perfect Jumps.

Entitled “Imperfect”, the documentary follows The Imperfect Jumps for Parkinson's Disease.


One of our founders, Stevie Kane, lost his mother to Parkinson's Disease almost two years ago. In the sport of skydiving, he met Kevin Burkart, who had turned their shared passion into a fund/awareness raiser for the disease and those who suffer from it, as his own father also had Parkinsons. Kevin has now had four events wherein he skydives a crazy number of times in one day.

Since the first documentary, Kevin has suffered a major injury, but continues to produce the events and skydive ONE-ARMED to raise money for the care and comfort of Parkinson's survivors.

This year we’ve been shooting pick-ups where we can. We're also wrapping up the edit, now we’re in the colder months. On one of our pick-up days, Stevie, a certified tandem instructor, finally convinced one of our other 1 Light boys to take a jump. Victor was a willing victim adrenaline junkie.

For some other highlights of the documentary, check here."

Jake Gardner