1Light Films studio is located in the Waterbury Building in NE Minneapolis. It features approx. a 30x40ft shooting space, office space, and kitchenette. A full list of lighting and grip equipment is available which consists of 20x20 green screen, Kinoflo, LED, and Mole Richardson lighting. The Waterbury building has ample parking and common restrooms available. A studio production assistant is required and provided when 1Light films members are not part of the shoot. The studio PA will open and close the space for your shoot as well as be available for assistance throughout the day. Studio rates may differ and be part of a larger estimate when the project is being produced by 1Light Films.



Studio space only 500/day

- Studio production assistant included

Studio with lighting and grip 800/day

-Studio production assistant included

- Unlimited use of lighting and grip



*we recognize that we are not a sound stage and do not claim to be. We also feel that our price is very competitive and compensates for that factor. We deal with minimal noise interference throughout the day due to building traffic. 1Light has produced many shoots in this space and do not see it as a major problem but small interruptions can occur.