Founding Member of 1Light. Director of Photography, Cinematographer, The Numbers Guy. 

Jake is a founding member of 1Light. Projects that energize him include the expressive and experimental. From music videos to documentaries and commercials, Jake loves what he does because he works with his best friends.

He wants to tell stories through the camera lens that move beyond a linear narrative. That is why he considers Atmosphere’s music video “Camera Thief” to be one of his favorite projects. For the project, Jake and the 1Light team traveled to the high desert in California with the Minneapolis hip-hop group to capture footage in an airplane graveyard.

In addition to his work with 1Light, Jake has a diverse background as a freelancer. His freelance work includes filming episodes for HGTV, The History Channel, and The Travel Channel.

These projects have led Jake across the entire world, most recently to Jerusalem and Amman, Jordan with “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.” 

Jake is Minnesota born and raised on the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Every summer weekend he takes the pontoon out on the lake. When the water freezes over, he trades the boat in for a snowmobile or skis. His three-year-old son is the world to him.

Mark Zubert